Our Story

Good food has always been the heart of life for Einat Chalmers, founder and managing director of Mamoosh Bakery. 

Born and raised in Israel, Einat was intrigued by the culinary world that surrounded her. She learnt to bake at her mother’s side and spent many hours in her father’s restaurant, working both front and back of house.

As a young adult, Einat followed her passion, moving to New York to train at the French Culinary Institute. It is there she found her true calling. Einat recalls in those days artisan bread was only available in specialist bakeries, which she would often visit. At the institute, Einat would hang around the door to the bakery class, curiously watching, wanting to learn how to bake artisan classics.

After working as pastry chef in Brighton’s Real Patisserie, Einat settled in Newhaven, East Sussex, with her husband and business partner, Gary. Following the birth of their children, Einat found herself spending more time at home, baking bread for family and friends. At one point, Einat decided to make traditional style pitta bread for a weekend away. It went down a storm and before long, pitta bread was what everyone wanted. Einat finally established Mamoosh Bakery in 2015. 

Mamoosh was born in the heart of Newhaven, East Sussex, with artisan pitta bread as the signature product. At Mamoosh, pitta breads are baked lovingly, using traditional techniques and carefully sourced ingredients, in a specialist pitta oven.

Since 2015 Mamoosh has gone from strength to strength, now supplying individuals, restaurants, and shops throughout Sussex, and across the UK. On top of the pittas and the great selection of breads and pastries, Mamoosh offer Middle Eastern dips and salads which are available online or at our hugely popular shop in Eastside Business Park.

What is Mamoosh?

Our customers always ask about the origins of the name Mamoosh.

Mamoosh is derived from the word 'mummy' from eastern European terms of endearment, meaning sweetie or darling in English.

The name feels fitting for a family business with an ethos of care and community spirit at its heart.

As a happy coincidence, the double ‘o’s in Mamoosh reflects the roundness of Mamoosh signature pitta breads!