Suppliers of wholesale Pitta Bread – WHITE AND WHOLEMEAL

Mamoosh Bakery has come a long way since opening our bakery in 2015. We are an independent British bakery with a love of good food. Our traditional baking skills, such as using our hands, together with high-quality ingredients, continues to enhance our reputation and drive our beliefs.

Our artisan pitta bread has become extremely popular in restaurants, cafes, hotels, bistros, bars, eateries, small independent supermarkets, street food stalls, caterers and food establishments across Sussex and the UK.

Pitta pride

At Mamoosh, we pride ourselves on striking a perfect balance between contemporary eating while staying loyal to traditional baking techniques. We use only high-quality ingredients, and our products are made without additives or preservatives.

Our traditional bakers are passionate about using their skills with carefully sourced ingredients to make our famous fluffy pitta bread.

Wholemeal pittas

Our delicious wholemeal pittas are made with our unique flour blend, producing a hearty and wholesome pitta, rich in fibre and nutty in flavour. Our pittas are made with love and patience using time-honoured techniques.

High-quality ingredients produce the best pitta bread

We love baking, and when you taste our products, we guarantee our love of food comes through in every bite. 

Our round pittas have a sturdy natural pocket that can be packed with fillings. They are made without additives or preservatives and have a two-day shelf life.

Our pittas freeze exceptionally well

Mamoosh white and wholemeal pittas freeze remarkably well and thaw naturally very quickly. You can also thaw them by popping them in an oven or toaster for a few seconds. 

Pitta has a three-month freezer shelf life and can be sold as a frozen product.

Order wholesale pittas, white and wholemeal

Our wholesale pittas are available nationwide via courier and a select London distributor. In addition, we are pleased to offer a wholesale service for chefs, cafes, restaurants, special events, hotels, catering outlets and independent shops.

To enquire about opening a wholesale account and scheduled deliveries, please get in touch with Einat, who will discuss your requirements and talk you through the ordering process. We will have you set up in no time.

Our ethos

At Mamoosh, we keep our skills alive and continuously develop our products. We are caring employers and pay our staff a living wage or above.

We believe in investing in future generations and participate in apprenticeship programmes to ensure our traditional techniques and skills are passed on to the young bakers of tomorrow.

Our staff are as passionate about our pittas, dips, and bakery products as we are, and we enjoy running our business with like-minded, enthusiastic employees.

We encourage open feedback from customers and staff and aim for long-term business relationships with companies who share in our ideals.

The environment is important to us, and we carefully consider anything that has an impact on our carbon footprint. We also support our local food bank by donating bread on a weekly basis to help support those less fortunate in our community.

If you feel that our vision and ethos is well-matched to yours we would be interested in setting up a meeting to showcase our Pitta bread.

New wholesale products

We are continually innovating and looking at new products to offer wholesale. Mamoosh has a dedicated and passionate team of bakers, who are the heart of our business, creating delicious and unique products to delight your senses as well as your palate.

Our commitment to the quality of our food and health means that we do not compromise on quality or taste. If you are a local grocer, a farm shop, a wholefood store, chef, bistro or pub owner, small hotel or outsider caterer interested in our signature pittas why not call us for samples? Or you can visit the bakery and meet some of the team if you like. They mostly work by night to have products fresh for the morning. Why not experience our pitta bread first-hand – you can’t beat the real thing.

To open an account, please download and fill in our credit application or contact us – we would love to hear from you!

 For more details please contact us.

Or call us on +44 (0)1273 071627

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