5 tasty and quick pitta sandwich fillings

5 tasty and quick pitta sandwich fillings

Mamoosh artisan pittas are a culinary experience, tasting totally different to other pitta breads, and the secret is in our baking methods. We use a unique flour blend, and all natural ingredients in both our white and wholemeal pitta breads. Baked in a purpose-built oven, our pittas and are soft and fluffy having a natural pocket sturdy enough to hold any pitta sandwich filling.

Warm autumn sandwiches go down a treat on darker evenings. So, whether you are looking for a filling snack when your children get home, or you’re planning a Halloween or Bonfire Night party, here are 5 flavoursome pitta sandwich fillings combining classic British favourites.

Fish finger pitta

Packed with omega 3, this filling tastes fantastic in soft Mamoosh pitta bread.

Add melted butter and sliced cucumber for the kids or, for adults, serve with salad and tartar sauce.

Grilled chicken breast

Combine grilled chicken breast with fresh salad and tzatziki or roasted vegetables with chilli sauce to make a super healthy and delicious pitta filling.

Brie with onion, chutney, and watercress

The sweet chutney and the peppery watercress with the earthy creamy cheese is a great autumn filling that goes down well at any time – even supper.

Hummus and hard-boiled egg pitta

One of the Mamoosh deli favourites, this protein-packed hummus filling is also rich in fibre and vitamins, to which we add a drizzle of schoug (zhug) to give it a little fiery lift.

Roasted peppers and avocado pitta

Drizzled with balsamic vinegar and packed with rocket, this vegan option works brilliantly in both our white or wholemeal pitta bread.

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