Pita bread, pitta bread, flat bread or pocket bread?

Pita bread, pitta bread, flat bread or pocket bread?

Why are pittas so popular? 

Pitta bread is a staple food throughout the Levant, the countries that stretch from Turkey, down along the Mediterranean coast to Israel, and onto Egypt.

The popularity of these breads has grown unimaginably in the UK. As people travel further, they tend to try new foods when they travel. Without a doubt, anyone venturing to Egypt, Israel, Jordan or Turkey will have sampled different types of pitta bread and discovered how soft and delicious they are, filled with an array of middle-eastern salads, barbecued meat and fish fillings.

Mamoosh Pittas from Newhaven, East Sussex

Einat grew up in a kibbutz in Israel and was part of a busy family where everyone had a business. She spent hours at her father's side as he built successful fish restaurants. In addition to traditional Israeli 'at-home' cooking, Einat acquired exceptional culinary skills from one of the top cookery schools in the US. However, it wasn't until a few years after settling in the UK that the idea and opportunity to run her own business came about. 

Starting with selling the pitta breads at local markets and wholesale shops, and seeing growing demand, spurred her on to establish her own bakery and deli business. Sussex outlets, farmers markets, restaurants and local pubs benefit from a regular delivery service, and a new initiative has been launched to provide Mamoosh delicious pittas to homes and businesses across the country.

What people say about our pittas, pastries and salads

'This is a hidden gem. Fresh middle eastern bakery plus hummus, baba ganoush etc and many fresh regional surprises. Check it out. Superb.' Ian Dyer

'A unique bakery, selling lovely Mediterranean food. Their fluffy pittas are to die for, as is their hummus. I can also recommend the ma'amoul, Turkish shortbread stuffed with dates, pistachios or almonds. There are also croissants, breads, and other pastries as well as some salads and a daily selection of lunchtime filled pittas.' Alison Morris

'The best pitta I've ever had. Including in Greece! So light and fluffy. Fantastic houmous, baba ganoush, tahini too.’ Wendy Dumelow

'If nothing else, you've got to try the pittas... You'll never want supermarket pittas ever again!! Spicy pitta chips are also amazing... And the soup of the day... Just go and try everything!!' Emma Godden.

What is artisan pitta bread?

Mamoosh pittas are made from unique blends of wholemeal or white flour and all-natural ingredients. They are often described as pocket bread because the dough puffs and separates into layers as it bakes.

Pitta bread, warm from the oven, is delicious served with all kinds of dishes. Pittas freeze well and have a 3-month life span in the freezer. You can warm them in the oven or a toaster, and they are great for sandwiches as the fillings stay put within the pockets. 

How to defrost Mamoosh Pittas

Our artisan pittas take 10 minutes to defrost at room temperature or in a 700w microwave just 90 seconds.

Alternatively, place them in a medium heat oven for 2-3 minutes or under a grill for 2 minutes each side. What could be easier?

Note: Pitta will steam – and they will be very hot! Our timings are approximate as everyone’s oven/grill is slightly different.

Mamoosh Deli and Bakery

If you are lucky enough to live near the Deli and Bakery, we recommend popping down to browse our fresh soups, pastries and breads.

Whether you love the sweet or the savoury, there is always something very delicious and tempting. And we are confident, you will return!

See our contact page for directions and opening times.

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