Pastries, pittas and porsches – at Mamoosh Bakery & Deli

Pastries, pittas and porsches – at Mamoosh Bakery & Deli

What perfect mix! We were delighted on Saturday to welcome the Porsche Club to Mamoosh Bakery and Deli. The event, organised by Andy and Chetan of Stuttgart_South, culminated in a meet of around 70 Porsche owners in a huge variety of stunning models.

 Our Mamoosh team had been busy baking since the early hours to ensure we had plenty of croissant, manakish, fresh artisan pittas and bread plus deli favourites to satisfy both visitors and regular customers.  We got through gallons of fresh coffee and borrowed an additional coffee maker to cope with demand.

Mamoosh Bakery Porsche EventThe Porsche Club owners turned up in every make and model including early 911s, Carreras, 924s, 944s, Boxsters, Caymans, Targas, Taycans and Spyders. The colours were staggering from vivid Miami blue, orange and yellow, to a seductive macadamia nut metallic. We will let the cars speak for themselves in the photos.

The Porsche meet-ups are a regular event in the owners’ calendars who are keen to drive publicity for exciting local businesses, and are a great way to drive out and catch-up with other club enthusiasts to exchange Porsche news. There are a number of caveats including high-quality refreshments and parking but Mamoosh’s business neighbours at the Eastside Business Park were more than happy to offer spare parking for such an occasion.

Einat and Gary Mamoosh Porsche Event

Einat said ‘Gary and I really enjoyed talking with owners and it gave us an opportunity to increase our brand awareness especially for our artisan pittas which are now available to order through the website to virtually every corner of the UK.’ 

We certainly admired their beautiful cars and were delighted to meet people who had driven down from London, Surrey and Kent. We hope to do this again in the future now that we have experienced the fun and enthusiasm of the club members. Thank you, Andy and Chetan for organising, our staff for working extra hours and the Porsche Club owners. It was a brilliant occasion.’

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