Traditionally baked delicious pita bread for trade and wholesale

Traditional pita bread

Do you want to sell or serve the most authentic and delicious pita bread the UK has to offer? Of course, you do. Do you think Mamoosh pita can offer what you need? Naturally, and let us tell you why…

Traditionally baked pita bread

We proudly use traditional baking skills to make our delicious wholesome pita bread. Our artisan pita breads are sold in independent supermarkets, delicatessens, and are extremely popular with our customers because we only use the very best ingredients to make our pitas. We don’t add preservatives or additives, so our pitas have a two-day shelf life. What we can promise you is a beautifully fluffy fresh pita pocket, perfect for stuffing with almost any filling. You can serve them on the side with any meal as a delicious and authentic middle eastern alternative to bread. Our pita breads are famous for that just-out-of-the-oven bakery freshness - they have a delicious bite on the outside and soft pillowy goodness on the inside.

pita bread in the oven

Perfect for freezing

Whether you freeze our pitas on delivery or have them delivered frozen. They do really well in the freezer and have a three-month frozen shelf life. Thaw them easily by popping them in a warm oven for a few minutes, in the microwave, or in the toaster. Many of our wholesale customers sell them from the in-store freezer section. Choose from white pita bread or nutritious wholemeal for a gorgeous nutty flavour and packed with fibre. Or, better still, go for a mix!

Wholesale delivery

We send out pitas out across the UK via courier or our select London distributors. We also provide a bespoke wholesale service for our wide client base including chefs, restaurants, catering outlets, food photographers, independent street food trikes and stalls, independent shops and supermarkets. We are always delighted to speak to new clients to discuss individual needs.

Fluffy pita bread

Our pita bread has heart

Mamoosh started life in Sussex market stalls, born from the dreams and hard work of founder, Einat. Einat grew up in a kibbutz in Israel where her lifelong passion for food and community blossomed.

Pitas are the perfect bread for sharing. Designed as a companion to any kind of mezze they are a staple at any table bringing people together over food. And our passion for people and community remain just as important to us as our bread. We pay staff a living wage or higher. We support local apprenticeship programmes, investing in bakers from local colleges. We are proud to say that all our staff are as enthusiastic about the most delicious pittas on the UK market.

We love to talk!

If you feel that our vision and ethos is well-matched to yours, we would be interested in setting up a meeting to showcase our pita bread or send you samples.

To open an account, please download and fill in our credit application or contact us – we would love to hear from you!

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