Bring on Veganuary with our wholemeal and white vegan pittas

Filled pitta breads

With December done and dusted, we leave behind the steady layering of meals, and celebratory dinners and look forward to a month of clean eating. In January it’s time to look inwards and forwards, and take the time reset and nourish our bodies. 

Is pitta bread a healthy option?

Our pittas are vegan, low in fat and made with a really slow fermentation process which means they are healthier for your gut and better for your digestion. 

A huge advantage of pitta bread is that they are thinner and therefore not as carb-heavy as other breads. Despite being thin, they are super substantial, ready for nutritious filling. 

We like to think of them as an inside-out sandwich: with a soft, fluffy interior it’s business on the outside, party on the inside! 

For more nutritional information about pittas the nutritional details are on the product page.

Healthy fillings 

For a healthy lunch or dinner, the magic of our pittas really comes down to the fluffy, hollow centre. The natural pitta pocket is an invitation for you to absolutely pack your pitta with as much wholesome goodness as you can dream up!

Our pittas will hold a big mix of salad or vegetable ingredients and still have room for more! Add your protein with options like falafel, tofu, or huge dollops of dip, and then a good serving of your favourite dressing or sauce and what you end up with is a healthy, nutritious and filling meal that you can easily pick up in your hands or pack for lunch! 

Wholegrain or white pitta?

If you choose wholegrain pittas then things look even brighter! Made with wholewheat flour they contains more fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than the white option. But we know that in every household there someone a person who reaches for the wholemeal pitta for a solid dunk in the hummus tub, and then someone else who reaches for a white pitta to butter up for battle with a soft-boiled egg!

We’ve got you covered with our mixed bags of white and wholemeal so everyone can have their favourite. 

How else do you eat pitta bread?


The possibilities for how to eat pitta breads are so endless we simply don’t have the room to write them all down, so here’s a taster of our favourite pitta pairings:

  • Vegan burgers - fill a pitta bread with your favourite vegan burger! Choose sweet potato fries for a healthy alternative to potatoes.
  • Pizzas - open your pitta out to create two round bases. Top with anything you like and bake. 
  • With a curry - Pittas work extremely well as a substitute for a naan bread. Warm them up by sprinkling with a little water and heating gently in the oven or toaster to steam up the fluffy centre.
  • Breakfast - toast and top your pittas however you like, to start the day.
  • Sandwiches - cut your pittas in half down the centre to make two semi circles or slice down the middle to make one large pocket. Perfect for little hands and lunchboxes, and also for the very hungriest of us!
  • Big dipper - toast, slice, tear, share. Pittas are amazing dipped in anything… hummus, guacamole, soft-boiled eggs, soup you name it.

Egg hummous healthy pitta sandwich

Where can you buy our pittas?

We sell our pittas in our Newhaven Deli, in retailers across Sussex or online for home delivery across the UK.

Pittas are convenient, quick and easy to freeze

Unlike shop-bought pittas, Mamoosh pittas are baked and delivered fresh, so we can confidently sell them knowing they have that ‘just baked’ goodness. Because we don’t seal them in longlife packaging they are best eaten fresh or popped in your freezer for convenient use at a later date. They freeze really well and are quick and easy to thaw making our pittas not only a healthy and versatile mealtime accompaniment.

Pittas are a truly convenient choice to help you through the month, or, come on let’s do it together — the whole, healthy year!


Top image thanks to Thebakingartists.

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